Unique and Unified, Kuroma has members who, while having majored in the same field, all minored in different specialties. 

James Richardson: fluent in funk and philharmonic; tonal kaleidoscope; effortless instrumentalist. 

Simon O'Connor: Sky-scraping guitars, London rhythms, eat your crust. 

Will Berman: machine rhythms, elocution. Chevvy Chevelle. 

Hank Sullivant: songsmith, melody man. Piedmont Pop. Fatima by Disney.  

Born of the tectonics of 2012, the current incarnation of Kuroma is set to release the band's new LP, Kuromarama in early 2015. Recorded between the band's hometowns of Brooklyn, NY and Athens, GA, the sound of Kuromarama most closely resembles that of an artisanal prescription spectrum of liquified jollyrancher, each flavor -- each color -- imbued with a solace wrung from the depths of a salty ocean trench. You swim in this record. It has a fun surface. The sequence culminates. You're back in the cab. You've arrived at your apartment in the afterlife. Welcome to eternity. 

"I got a bone to pick with Kuroma. Their music is legit. They look good. They got a unique vision. They are smooth homies. It really makes me angry. I turn up their jams and dissipate into a Kuroma-coma where "Running People" is on repeat. It loops and loops as I lace my Reebok's and Forrest Gump around the block. I awake sweaty and exhausted. The Kuroma aroma remains. That shit smells." 
-Parker Gispert, The Whigs